How I Wrote a Book!– Plus FREE Bonus

I originally posted this on my self hosted blog at, But I figured that since I still have visitors to this blog, and this post is really important to me I would share it with you all as well!

After doing a bunch of competitions I realized that there were no really good books or guides to help people navigate the whole process. So, I started working on my own bikini competitor handbook.  Writing a book has always been one of my goals but I never knew how or when that dream would be realized. Since writing and publishing a book is easier than ever, I would like to show you how I did it to hopefully inspire you to do the same.


The first step was to create the content. Using a few posts on here as inspiration and knowing the basic information I wanted to convey, I came up with an outline and started working on filling it in. It wasn’t a short process—it’s taken me about 9 months. I worked on writing chunks while my son was napping or after everyone was asleep. If you would like to make an e-book make sure that you use the table of contents feature on MS Word, so that formatting your book for e-readers will be easy.

Once I had the finished creating content, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and relief. The next step was editing. I read over my book 4 times, correcting spelling, formatting and fixing holes in content. I also added in citations and a bibliography using the tools in MS Word. My friend’s mom is a professional editor and she was kind enough to look my book over too. Editing took a lot longer than I thought it would and was probably the most painful part of creating the book.

While I was busy editing my book, I hired a free lancer to create my book cover. I used which is a website that allows you to seek out freelancers willing to do work for $5. With a few extras, my book cover cost me about $40.

To upload your e-book to certain websites it has to be formatted in a certain way. Calibre is a free program that allows you to do this. I used Callibre to convert my e-book into the .mobi version so I could sell it on Amazon.

After I had the converted version of my book, I went to to self publish my book using Amazon’s kindle direct publishing service. I uploaded my book and cover art answered a few questions, set the book price and after about a 12 hour wait, my book is available!

See how simple that was? If you have always wanted to write a book, I really encourage you to get out there and go for it!

My book is available for FREE for a limited time! Check it out HERE. If you enjoy it the greatest complement would be a positive review on Amazon.


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