Facing Fears in and out of the Gym

Last week was a rough one for me! It started with no internet at our company (which lasted all week leading to a general feeling of unproductiveness), my son pooping in his pants everyday at school so that I had to go pick him up and change him, my underwear ripping in half at the gym (that was embarrassing), getting in a car crash (in my brand new car–not my fault), showing up late to just about everything, overdrawing on my account because I forgot to transfer money and the list goes on and on.

I started out with a positive attitude but as the week wore on my feelings changed to “I just can’t wait until this week is over and I hope like hell that next week will be better.” I started out thinking how lucky I was to have all the luxuries I do and how my problems are minor “first world” problems, but as the week continued I kept thinking that if this streak continues maybe all my luxuries will be taken from me.

Interestingly, “facing your fears” has been a theme from my week. It started with Chalene’s podcast “Too scared to try,” that pointed out that fears stand in our way and that you don’t need to be perfect to face your fears, you just need to be good enough to make a first attempt.

Then, it was the women’s group I attend twice a month and although there were only three of us this week, we had a great discussion about fears, procrastination and friendship.

Finally my week finished with an awesome yoga class by Jessie Kates where she encouraged us to face our fears with a headstand, reminding us that we are exactly where we need to be.

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a “spiritual” person. I do believe that sometimes the universe sends us messages and for me last week was clearly about facing my fears.

The most primal emotion is fear, we experience fear to help us survive, but in this modern world, I believe that fear holds us back a lot more than it helps us.

Have you ever taken a good hard look at your fears, if you read my last post about excuses, you know that I feel that excuses can be subconscious and so can fears! Sometimes we are not aware of what is scaring us in the first place and it ends up holding us back in unexpected ways. In fact, I believe that in some ways, excuses are manifestations of fears.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to transform my career and my life, but I had no idea that fear played such a huge role in that journey. As I have mentioned before, I was afraid to share my blog, afraid to ask for sponsorship, afraid to even take the first step toward my dream. I am facing my fears one by one– I asked for sponsorship (got rejected but that’s ok it was a learning experience), I quit my job, I put my story out there and now I am facing another fear: creating a facebook page.

Just writing that makes me feel silly (It’s only a facebook page after all, there are people with real problems and fears out there), but really I am worried that people will perceive me as vain or conceited, that no one will even like my page, what I am really fearing is judgement and failure. But I have to try right? After all, its just a facebook page.

That’s one thing I have learned about fears, the only way to get rid of them is to face them head on.Each time you face a fear, the fear fades a little bit and it is easier to face your next fear because you have that experience.

That’s where facing fears in the gym comes in. What an awesome place to practice facing fears in a (realtively) safe environment! Whether it’s trying out a headstand in yoga, conquering the squat rack for the first time, or simply getting up the courage to start at a new gym in the first place, each fear you face helps make fears in your regular life easier to face. The sense of empowerment you get from accomplishments in the gym, clues you into the empowerment you can gain from facing other fears.

That is why the gym and exercise in general is so much more to me than fitness, it is a way to empower yourself and enhance your life.

What fears have you faced in or out of the gym?

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