What Excuses Are Standing in Your Way?

We all have excuses, some excuses are valid and some are not, but did you know you could have subconscious excuses too?

Subconscious excuses are the ones that you don’t really think about explicitly, but they stop you from doing something anyway. I think this type of excuse is particularly challenging because you may not even realize that you are making it!

Have you ever felt envious of someone’s success or achievements and felt like they were just lucky? This is a key sign that you may be making subconscious excuses standing in the way of your own success. After all, it’s easy to look at a picture of someone receiving their doctorate or on their dream vacation (especially with social media) but did you ever stop to think about what steps and struggles that person made to achieve those things?

I have found myself feeling this way several times throughout my life so I will give you an example. One of my dreams has been to open my own Pilates studio. I look on at successful studio owners with envy, however I had never even bothered to start looking at what steps I would need to take to get there. You know why? Because I was so sure I wouldn’t be able to reach my goal– I didn’t have enough money, I’m not outgoing enough, I’m not a good enough teacher, I don’t know how to market my business. Once I started to actually look at these excuses I realized that they were serving no purpose and that they were actually standing in the way of me even getting started.

What I should have been doing is looking for ways to overcome my excuses– no money? look for investors or get a loan, not outgoing? find someone who is to help me promote my studio, not good enough? take some continuing education classes.

Instead of finding solutions I was creating imaginary problems for myself, which destroyed my confidence to be able to pursue one of my dreams.

If you find yourself in the same boat of envy and excuses, take a hard look at those excuses and come up with contradictions or solutions for them. Then, take the first step toward you goal by turning those solutions into an action plan.

For me, this simply meant googling “How to start a pilates studio” and there are tons of resources out there! Now I have an idea of what I need to do to be able to reach my goal, and it is a lot more manageable than I imagined.

Remember nothing is going to happen if you are just wishing and making excuses, you have to take action to move forward. I encourage you to try this for your own internal excuses, whether they are about fitness, a lifestyle or a career goal, the same process holds true!

What are your subconscious excuses?


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