Goal Check – In

Hi guys! Hope you are having a nice weekend. Can you believe the year is already over 2/3 done. I can’t! Where does the time go?  Anyway, I felt like now would be a good time to do a goal check-in.


Eat less processed food.

Eat less processed food.

Did you set goals or resolutions in January? Do you remember what they are?

One thing I learned from my husband is to write my goals down and keep them visible daily for a check in. A great way to do this is to set your goals list as the background on your desktop or phone.

I went back to my post on resolutions to check in with my goals and here they are and how I am dealing with them:

1. Stop helping others achieve their dreams by sacrificing my own: I have found someone to start to replace me in my husband’s company and I am starting to see an exit plan. I am now focusing on what I would like to do with my career to help me pursue my dreams. I found a great motivational podcast that has helped put me in a great mindset and has helped give me ideas on what I should be working toward.

2. Make time for friends: I feel like I could still do better with this one but I did recently go to New York to visit a friend. I have also made more of an effort to reach out to people and go to events that I have been invited to.

3. Eat less processed foods: I am happy to say that I have achieved this goal! I don’t know what finally helped me change, but I finally went back to eating mostly unprocessed food.

4. Put more time and energy into developing my career: I just signed up for a continuing education program with my Pilates “idol” Rael Isacowitz. I CAN NOT WAIT! My time is so limited lately it is hard to balance my career, family and other jobs.

5. Feel better about myself: I started seeing a therapist, although this is hard for me to admit, I was getting very depressed for a while, I went to see my doctor about it and she recommended I go to a counselor. I did and it has been helping.

I am happy I have made so much progress on my goals, but I still see that there is room for improvement and work. If you can take just one step toward your goals each day, no matter how small it may be, imagine how far you will be this time next year!

How are you guys doing with your goals?


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