Is the Fitness Industry Broken?

Hi Guys!

Hope you are having a great week! I know I have! I went to New York this past weekend to visit a friends and take some fitness classes. They have some really kick @$$ fitness classes in New York. Anyway, I came back feeling refreshed rejuvenated and re-motivated.


The thing is, when you start to get into the competition scene you see a lot of the broken aspects of the fitness industry. It can be very depressing and disheartening.

First of all, you realize that the skinny fit girls that inspire you (ahem Oxygen models) are not all that healthy. Many of them are on starvation diets doing hours of cardio a day, taking banned substances, and wearing waist binders and/or getting plastic surgery. Not that I think that there is anything wrong with any of those things, however I think that it can be really misleading to present these images to people implying that diet and exercise did it all.

Secondly, I have been re-evaluating my goal to “get sponsored.” While it would be great to get some extra money to help with competitions, I see a lot of competitors promoting products they don’t even use or care about. Additionally, the relationships between competitor, coach, sponsor and judges who also can coach and work with sponsors make me wonder what is genuine and what is not.

Finally I have been very disgusted by the attitudes and egos I have seen. Shouldn’t we be trying to help others on their journey to getting fit? The selfish egomaniacal personalities I have seen out there are simply not what the fitness industry should be about. Let’s help each other get fit and look great rather than being jealous and holding secrets.

Like any industry, there will be people doing good and people doing bad. Let’s make the good overshadow the bad. Let’s make this industry about caring about others and helping them get healthy and reach their goals.

Just my two cents.

What do you think?





I completely disagree, but to a point can understand your views.
I compete, I love it and am striving for more.
I do not diet poorly, I eat a lot, more than most people I know on a daily basis, and train weights and minimal cardio. Frankly I train less now then before I chose to compete
I became sponsored by both my trainer and a protein company. I basically adore my trainer, her methods as knowledge and have been with her since, a good relationship sees results as she knows my body and how it reacts better each time. The product sponsor is the only one I use, supporting a fellow Australian company I endorse them as I believe in them
I have grown as a person in terms of what I hope to achieve and growing my media influence. I help by posting workouts, sharing recipes and encouraging mantras. I try to relate myself to others views and situations sl they know we aren’t that different.
I was published in oxygen magazine
I am planning to do my cert 4/5 in PT and I want to encourage people
Stage ready cannot be maintained all the time and i wouldn’t pretend it could. But a healthy lifestyle can be xx

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