East Coast Classic and Maryland State Bikini Competition Re-cap.

Hey Guys!

My husband is away for the weekend so i finally have some time to catch up on the blog. I wanted to do a re-cap of my last competition– The East Coast Classic and Maryland State NPC Bikini Competition.

I felt a lot more comfortable going into this competition because I already had 4 competitions under my belt including one national level competition. I ended up getting a hotel the night of the competition so that I could be by myself and get ready without having to worry about taking care of my son. I got a great deal on a local hotel through Priceline so I went ahead and booked it.

After I packed all my things I headed to the host hotel to get my spray tan. This is where I started to get a little nervous. If you have never been to a check in, you basically walk into one of the meeting rooms in the hotel and confirm your information and height with the people running the show. A lot of the people at the check in are judges, which can be a little intimidating or a great opportunity depending on how you look at it. You can also bet that all of the competitors are going to be eying each other up.

The competition tanning was done by Liquid Sun Rays, and they did an awesome job. In my past tanning experiences, once you get sprayed, you stand around drying with a group of naked girls. This time, they had separate little compartments for each girl to dry and get dressed, which made it a little less awkward. My tan also turned out perfectly this time, which I was so happy about because every other time my tan has been jacked up. (I will do a follow-up post on my preparation routine for getting the perfect spray tan.) Big thanks to Heidi and the team from LSR!

After the tan I headed to my hotel and quickly fell asleep.


Hair and Make-up done be me!

The next day I woke up at 6am to prepare for the show. For nationals, my coach taught me how to do my own make-up and hair so I used her techniques for this show too. As I mentioned before, if you are good at doing your own make-up and hair this can be a huge time saver!

The Athletes Meeting for the show was 8:30 so at 8, I headed over to the venue. My friend, who is on my team, was there getting her hair and make-up done.


Athlete’s meeting

Just a note to other competitors– if you are competing with a friend or a team-mate, beware! Sometimes friends can be great if they stay positive and supportive, however this is an “I” sport, as my coach would say. The competition does whacky things to people and I have competed with “friends” who have been jealous or negative and it ends up affecting me as well. STAY POSITIVE and surround yourself with positive people.

Anyway, time seemed to speed by. I checked out of my hotel, got my touch up tan and didn’t really have much time to spend with my team mate. By the time I had done everything, it was time to get in line to go on stage. I got a little freaked out because I had initially put on my application that I was Class C (5’5″-5’7″) but somehow I got put in Class D (5’7″+) While I could have let that stress me out, I really didn’t worry about it too much. If I brought a good package I felt like I would win either way.


Waiting around with my team mate 🙂

While waiting in line, I had time to scope out the other competitors and I saw one that I knew had brought a better package than me. That is a sucky thing to have to admit, but I am a realist. I am not going to delude myself that I am the best when I can appreciate someone else’s hard work and recognize that they deserve to win. I decided in my mind that I would not be disappointed in my self if I placed lower than her. I know that some people say to “think positive,” but like I said, I am a realist, not an optimist.

On stage I felt like I did a great job, and as I expected, I got first call outs. By where I was placed on stage, I figured I got third and although I wished I had gotten first, the girl I thought would place above me was placed for 1st so overall I was pretty happy with how I did.

The disappointing part came next. Because the show was both the Maryland State and East Coast, we only got to do our posing routine once if we were doing both categories. For the East Coast they had the girls who were not in the Maryland State show do their routine, and then everyone posed together.

Perhaps I was being overly optimistic, but I thought I would definitely get first call outs– I didn’t. In fact, girls that placed below me in the Maryland State got first call outs and I didn’t. That made me feel really mad and disappointed. After all, my body hadn’t changed in the 10 minutes between the Maryland State and the East Coast Classic, changing the places of competitors between the two competitions just didn’t make sense to me. I ended up placing in the center for second call outs which was like 6th place.

My face felt hot as I walked off stage and it was all I could do to not cry and pack up my things. I know 6th place isn’t bad and I should be proud of myself. I kept telling myself that it didn’t really matter and that I brought my best package yet, but I couldn’t help but criticize myself internally. I knew I could have leaned down a little more, been a little stricter with my diet. I could have done better.

I had planned to stay around the venue, but since my house was only 40 min. away I thought that it would be better if I headed home and took a break to just be with my family and forget about the competition.

That ended up being a big mistake. When I came home, I saw my husband’s new car in our garage. He hadn’t told me that he was leasing it, so that was another thing that upset met. When I walked in the door, his workers were demolishing our guest bathroom so I couldn’t even relax. I blew up at my husband. I let me tears flow. I hadn’t realized until that moment how much stress had built up inside me or really even how much the outcome of this competition had meant to me. We made up and he offered me a big hug before I left for the night show.

I re-filled my cooler and headed back to the venue. When I arrived, I chatted with my team mate. She knew a lot of other competitors so it was really nice to meet new people. After the pre-judging in the morning, everyone is a lot more relaxed. The judging had already taken place, so you don’t have to worry as much about everything and it is just time to celebrate and strut your stuff on stage. I ended up placing just as I had thought– 3rd in Maryland state and 6th in East Coast. I was really hoping to win first in my class this show. I had registered for Team Universe, which was a national level show the following weekend and if I couldn’t place at a local show, I felt that my chances at nationals were non-existent.


Ready to go home!

I left quickly from this show without taking many pictures or stopping by any booths. It had been a long, disappointing day, but somehow, it lit a fire under my butt.

Sometimes I need to stumble a little to realize that I need to work a little harder. I had been so focused on building muscle and “eating clean” that I did not get lean enough. Ultimately I decided not to do Team Universe and to go to the beach with my family to recharge instead.

It was exactly what I needed. I am planning on doing the Shawn Ray Classic in Baltimore on August 16th as my next show. My focus and drive have gone up, I’m hitting PRs everyday in the gym, and I have reduced my overall calories a little more. Hopefully I can burn off this stubborn belly fat and take first place!




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