Hey guys! I have not posted in a while. I had planned on doing two competitions in the past few weeks but I ended up just doing one. I placed disappointingly at a local show and decided that it was not worth the extra expense to do the national show I had planned on doing if I didn’t think I had a chance at winning.

The good news is that I definitely see improvement since last year.

Front pose east coast 2014

2014 Front

Back pose east coast 2014

2014 Back

val npc nationals front pose

2013 Front

Looking good from behind ;)

2013 Back

Check out the huge difference in my rear view!

The bad news is my feed back– I need to work on my conditioning!

I really want to be honest with you all. I have been competing under the premise that you can be healthy and still win, but now I am not so sure.

I have been healthy so far in my preps– eating whole foods, watching my calories and macros without cutting them to extremes, doing reasonable albeit challenging workouts (no two a day cardio).

Maybe that is not enough to win. Maybe you have to cut calories to extremes and workout like crazy and maybe even take banned substances. I have made huge gains this year but is it enough? Will it ever be enough? Can I go pro without sacrificing everything else in my life?


I am going to keep trying. I have been a little stricter with my diet and kicked up the intensity on my workouts and I am seeing results. I have a competition planned for August 16th so I will see how my new strategy works.

I love this sport because of the challenge to improve yourself and your body. I am constantly motivated to learn more about diet and exercise. Until I lose that love I will keep going and keep trying to prove that a healthy-looking body should be a healthy body.

What are your thoughts? Do you compete? Do you think competing requires extremes?

PS I’ll post a competition re-cap soon!





Wow! You look amazing! Congratulations even though you didn’t place how you wanted to. You can definitely tell you worked hard because it shows. I don’t compete but I follow competitions and one thing that I have noticed is that there is no set look to attain. All the winners look different! Especially in figure and bikini. I have often thought it has to be so difficult for the competitors to figure out what the judges want to see because they keep changing their minds!
Keep doing what you are doing because you look awesome!

    Thank you so much for your kind words! You are right there is no real set look for bikini. For example the show I did was broken in to two shows– Maryland state and East coast. Some of the girls that placed below me in Maryland State placed above me in East Coast. That just goes to show that what the judges are looking for can change minute to minute lol! Getting judges’ feedback is important and helpful but how you feel about your body is important too! I knew I brought a better package this time than last time so I am still happy with the progress I have made. Thanks for the thoughtful comment! Are you planning to compete in the future?

      Yes! See! That’s how it is. I applaud you for staying healthy and sharing. Best wishes for the future! I know you will be great. No, no competing for me. Just a fan. Did you see the Olympia will be televised this year? So exciting!

The main thing in competition (to me) is that I need to be happy and healthy. Life is short and to be honest if you win this year…who is going to remember you in 5 years. You need to leave something for the world past what people see on the stage. I do see the progress and you look amazing as long as you are happy with your progress and don’t lose your integrity I think you will be fine.

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