Choosing Your Competition Bikini

Hey guys Hope you are having a nice weekend and Happy Father’s day.

I really wanted to post about choosing a competition bikini because it is something that felt really confusing to me when I first started. The chooses can be overwhelming and it is hard to know what the judges are looking for if you are unfamiliar with bikini competitions.

First, let’s start with wear to buy your suit. I got my bikini from Waterbabies but here is a list of some popular suit makers:



Next let’s talk about color. You want to choose a bold, dark color that will not be washed out on stage. Primary colors tend to pop so start by looking at blues, reds, yellows. Besides primary colors bold purple and green can look great too. Orange and pink tend to blend in with the spray tan and pink can come off as cliche. Do not choose pastels or white. These colors tend to wash out under the bright lights and it is easy for the spray tan to rub off on lighter colors making the suit look dirty. I wouldn’t go crazy with patterns or lace that could distract from your physique.


There will be lots of options for fit. For smaller busted girls, definitely go with a molded cup and ask for pockets so that you can stuff your top. Usually you can choose between the size and shape of the top and bottoms. It is best to stick with the traditional triangle top rather than selecting something different or asymmetrical- choose skinny or regular triangle based on your bust size. For bottoms make sure the back is a scrunch to enhance that shape of your rear. For NPC 1/3 of your glutes should be covered, but I think keeping this guideline in mind less coverage shows off more of your hard work! If you have any questions about fit and sizing reach out to the suit company and ask before you buy.


Connectors are the sparkly bits that connect the parts of your suit together. You can have connectors on the straps at your neckline, between your cups and on the sides of your bottoms. Some companies also offer an option to have sparkly back connectors. My advice for you is to look at what the pros are wearing and try to mimic that within your budget. Right now the dangly connectors on the hip are popular. If you are on a tight budget this is one of the areas you can save on by choosing less expensive connectors. One other tip is to avoid choosing connectors that have small details. These have a tendency to break.


Sequin vs. Bling? I say if you have the budget for it, go with bling, crystals pick up the light a little better. However, if you are only doing a local show and looking to save money sequins can look great too. One of my favorite suits that I own is a sequined one. Crystals vs. Rhinestones? Make sure you get good quality crystals. Crystals are finely cut pieces of glass or stone that catch light and really sparkle. If your suit maker says that they will put “rhinestones” that can mean anything including bits of dried glue. Trust me, the first suit I ever bought had rhinestones and it looked cheap and tacky. If you are going to spend the money on bling make sure they are quality crystals (Swarovski is one renowned brand of crystal).


Your competition bikini can be very expensive. If you are just getting started, no need to break the bank– You can find great suits for around $100 at some of the sites I listed. Set yourself a budget and work from there. Also if you have a budget in mind and see a suit that you really like, you can let the designer know about your budget and see if they can make something similar in your price range.


The competition bikini is a very important part of your competition package. Make sure you are presenting your best self. Even thought I have given several guidelines, the choice is ultimately up to you so choose something that makes you feel amazing on your big day!

Have you bought a suit yet? Any tips or warnings for newbs?



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