Progress Pics!!!

OK I am embarrassed to post these “Before” pictures but I think it is helpful to track progress with pictures. I have been working for almost a year to build muscle and I wanted to show you the results:






Before: Weight:116; BF %: 12.8%

After: Weight: 121.3 BF%: 13.8%

Ok, I know the results are not earth shattering and please do excuse the dopey pose, hair and lack of make-up. But check out how my waist appears smaller in the after pic. Also look at how I improved my quads, inner thighs and upper back. My glutes have improved lots too but I am not sure if you can tell from the suit that I am wearing. The lighting is different in these pics so it but I can see major changes in my physique so I am super happy. I will be preparing for a competition in June. Looking forward to seeing how my body changes!

How have you been doing, what have you done that you really think helped change your body.



Why on earth would you be “embarrassed” to show the older photos? At the risk of sounding like an Internet stalker, let me just say you look fantastic in both your “before” and “after” shots (though your muscles do “pop” a lot more in the “after”). Congratulations on your hard work paying off!

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