All Natural Ways to Kill Your Sugar Cravings

Battling Sugar addiction is a hard one. Even if you wouldn’t call yourself an “addict” most of us have those sweet tooth cravings hit us once in a while. While a little sugar in moderation is ok, American culture has fallen overboard and sugar is added to everything –even canned beans! Sugar has also been demonized as a contributor to some of the biggest killers out there– heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease. Not to mention that a high sugar diet has been linked to an increased risk of wrinkles (hey I thought I would throw that in there to appeal to your vanity ;)). With that said, the more you can combat sugar cravings the better. Here are some of my best methods for avoiding sugar cravings:

1. Single serving dried prunes- Sometimes you just need something sweet and prunes are just that– sweet. If you are a gummy bear type of person. Prunes are a great swap out. Not only are they packed with antioxidants, but they also have fiber, which helps stabilize blood sugar, promote (ahem) regularity, and keep you feeling fuller longer. However, dried fruit still packs some (albeit natural) sugars so its not good to go crazy. That’s why I recommend the single wrapped version to help keep portions in check.

2. Fruit- Sort of along the same lines as prunes. Whole fruit is sweet but has a high water and fiber content, which help fill you up. Some of my favorites are berries, melon, pineapple and mango.  Again, fruit still has some sugar so, if it leads to a binge, you may want to avoid it, but I have found that fruit for dessert can be really satisfying.

3. Sweet Veggies- Beets, sweet potatoes and winter squash. Sweet, high fiber, and low calorie sweet vegetables make the perfect snack to beat a sugar craving. I like to roast Kabocha (Japanese squash) for a rich-tasting sweet treat.

4. Sparkling water- Or really just water in general. Sometimes we misinterpret thirst as hunger and especially as a craving for sweets. If you find yourself drinking soda often (even diet soda) try swapping sparkling water. The bubbly texture does the trick for me.

5. Spice it up- Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are some spices that naturally add a sweet flavor. In fact cinnamon has been proven to help stabilize blood sugar levels. Cinnamon on a sweet potato or sprinkled in some organic cottage cheese make a great sweet treat to help bust sugar cravings.


I hope you find these tips for busting sugar cravings helpful. Do you have any tips of your own?



Awesome tips! I love putting cinnamon on EVERYTHING! Curbs hunger overall too 🙂 I also like gum and tea, definitely help the cravings


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