How to look cute after a workout

We’re all busy. Sometimes that means squeezing in a short workout between a long day at the office an drinks with the girls. As a fitness instructor my job sometimes involves sweating right along with clients for 4 hours straight! Thus, I have mastered the art of going from hot mess to office chic. Here are my tips to help you transform from workout warrior to date night goddess:Image

1. Start with Minimal make-up: I know this one is sometimes unavoidable, but if you can try to start your workout with as little make-up as possible on your face. If you must have some make-up on I recommend mineral foundation/blushes, which won’t run and try to avoid eye liner, which will most likely smudge.

2. Bring Multi-tasking clothes: A great pair of black leggings can be very versatile. Pair them with a simple tank top for the workout. Then throw on a sophisticated cardigan and some cute boots to go back out and face your day.

3. Loose Bun and Large Headband: Put hair in a loose bun and wrap it loosely with a ribbon elastic. The headband ribbon elastic will keep hair out of your face without causing a crease and the bun will leave you with soft romantic waves.

4. Dry Shampoo: My hair dresser recommended “Pssst” which you can get at CVS for about $6. It works to soak up oil so your hair looks and smells fresher.

5. Face Wipes: If you don’t have any make-up on wipe your face with a wipe. My favorite is the Ole Henriksen Vitamin C infused wipe. It is super refreshing and smells like oranges.

Ole Henriksen - Truth To Go Vitamin C Wipes

6. Clean under eyes: If you have a full face of make up and don’t want to undo everything- just wipe under your eyes with a cotton ball and re-apply concealer.

7. Powder: My favorite brand of mineral powder is Everyday Minerals— it gives good coverage and doesn’t irritate my skin, not to mention that it is about half the cost of other brands. Dust your face with some powder to sop up oil and shine.

8. Tinted Multi-tasker: I love tinted lip and cheek products for a healthy glow that doesn’t wear off easily.

9. Mascara and Liner- A good dramatic eye can really refresh your face. Line your eye and add mascara to finish off your look.

10. Fresh scent- I really love the “Clean” brand fragrances because they smell great without being overwhelming. You just smell clean– just like the name would suggest.

I hope these suggestions help. Let me know if you have any tips for making the transition from fitness to real world.


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