Quest Bar Lawsuit

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This past weekend I decided to do some research on Quest bars. Anyone who knows me knows that I am totally addicted to quest bars– yes like 4-5 bars a day sometimes (not kidding). I have an addictive personality and when I like something I tend to go all out until I get sick of it and move on to the next thing. Thus, I thought my addiction to quest bars was one of those personality quirks and since the ingredients are mostly clean I didn’t give it a second thought. Well, I have heard from other (normal) people that Quest bars are addictive and one of my friends has a conspiracy theory that they put something in them to make them that way… hmmmmm…. not sure I believe that one, but I was googling to find out what other people had to say about it.

That’s when I found out that Quest has recently come under fire for allegedly misrepresenting nutrition facts on their labels. Here is an excerpt from the complainant:

quest bar


So apparently Quest denies the complaint and fired back with this quote:

“Quest has been named in a lawsuit regarding our fiber count. It is our belief and conviction that this lawsuit is without merit. The things a plaintiff states in a lawsuit are just that — – his statements. He doesn’t have to prove them to put them in the lawsuit. He just needs to write them down. Proof is another matter. We believe that what is written in this lawsuit results from not understanding the current state of fiber science. We are fighting this case to make it clear to our customers and partners that our label information is 100% accurate.

Make no mistake, Quest Nutrition will not back down in the face of what we believe are attacks based on lack of good information. The outpouring of support from our customers and supporters on this issue has been overwhelming. We’re very grateful for the support, and we want to assure everyone that we are committed to bringing the highest quality products to our loyal fan base. We have nothing to hide and we look forward to a very visible public refutation of these unfounded claims.”


Then, I did some further research and found this post on about how the science used by the company evaluating the Quest Bars was faulty.
So who do I believe? I am not sure. I love Quest bars and hope the company comes out from this debacle proving their innocence. But, that said, I do notice that I tend to hold on to more weight while eating quest bars than I do when I eat the same supposed amount of calories of whole foods. I usually chalk that up to the differences in the thermodynamic effect of food, but this lawsuit makes me think twice. Actually this lawsuit makes me think twice about all food labels. I believe that many companies are lying about the stats of their food to make them more attractive to customers. But that’s another post for another day.
What do you guys think? Have you tried Quest bars? Would this lawsuit make you stop eating them?


I just recently started eating Quest bars and I am in love. However, I’m 8 weeks out from my first bikini competition so I’m gonna lay off of them until post comp. I was always curious what ‘Net Carbs’ were different from normal carbs and the dietary fiber content. I love how full they keep me though, so I will continue eating them post comp. Plus they are scrumptious, easy source of protein, and to be honest, I enjoy my muscles being more ‘full’ during training 🙂

Thanks so much for posting this, I have always wondered but haven’t taken the time to research!


Hi. I also addicted to quest bar recently. I am eating like 1 box per day sometimes even more. I don’t know why I always craving for these. Personal I like chicken and yogurt more than quest bar but I am not too obessive with them. I am also thought about their ingredients. They might put some chemicals into it and make us want to eat more of them.

I just want to know if the macros are correct for carbs protein and fat. the numbers don’t add up to me: 160 calories, 6 grams of fat (9cal/gram x 6=54 cal), protein 20 g (4cal/gram x 20 = 80), carbs 25 g (4 cal/gram x 25 = 100) for a grand total of 234 calories …? Am I looking at all of this correctly? I don’t care if they are 234 calories. I just want to be sure the ratios of macors are correct. grrr…

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