Are you standing in the way of your goals?

Hi there! Snow storm predicted tonight. So I am bundled up here at home. Its given me the chance to be introspective and something has been weighing heavy on my mind.

Every time I make a goal, and I try to envision myself achieving it, I start to think about what might go wrong For example, one of my goals is to open my own fitness studio and as I think about achieving that goal, I also think about how difficult it is to manage people and to run a business and I begin to think that maybe its not for me.

When I was preparing for my national competition I wanted to seek out a sponsor, and my coach even sent me a sample letter that she had prepared when she was seeking a sponsor. However, in her letter she explained how she had thousands of twitter followers, facebook fans and her own web page; in comparison, I only have this blog and about 1000 facebook friends. I went in asking for the sponsorship with the attitude that I would fail, and ultimately I did, which scared me away from pursuing other sponsors.

My point is, that sometimes we stand in our own way.

Yes, sometimes we are our own obstacles.

The only way I have found to overcome this is to practice facing my fears head on. To take the actions step by step towards what I want to achieve, ignoring my inner critic.

This year I am making it my mission to get out of my own way and pursue my dreams. I actually I need to start by defining my dreams. This is difficult for me because to me, a goal not achieved is a failure, and by setting goals, I am giving myself a chance to fail. Since I don’t want to fail, I have difficulty setting clear goals.

But here they are for you to see and for me to be held accountable:

1. Create a well-known website as a fitness and nutrition resource.

2. Become an expert in the field of Pilates, Nutrition, Exercise and Pre- and Postnatal fitness.

3. Open my own studio chain focused on pre and post natal fitness.

Other things I would like to explore:

1. Fitness modeling

2. Finding a sponsor for my competitions.

3. Earning the IFBB Pro Bikini Title

I feel so naked and raw posting these things, but I hope that this is the first step in the direction to achieving what I hope to accomplish.

What is holding you back from achieving your goals? Do you stand in your own way?


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