Work-out on Vacation (or just without equipment)

Hey guys! hope you are having a great week! Last week (before I got sick) I was on vacation, and while I can do some things in the hotel gym, most of the time they are small, hot, smelly and you have to wait for the equipment. Besides, why would you want to stay in a cramped little room when you could go and explore the beautiful outdoors! So when I go on vacation I like to improvise with my workouts. Here are a few sample workouts that I have tried that are fun, effective and get you out of the gym. Just don’t be afraid to get your workout on outdoors in front of others!

brazil fit

1. Sprints and Lunges- I do a lot of sprints and lunges when I am preparing for a competition to tone my legs. If you are looking for a great leg workout try sprinting for 30 sec. Followed by 2 minutes of lunges, or sprint in one direction and lunge back to start. Do about 10 sets of that circuit and I guarantee your heart rate will be up and your legs will be burning. Bonus points if you are at the beach and do the lunges/sprints in the sand.

2. Plyo workout- Another great way to get your heart rate up and work your entire body is through plyometrics. Plyometrics are explosive movements (usually jumps) Choose 5 different plyos. Do 15 reps of each plyo and repeat the series 5 times. It doesn’t seem like a lot on paper, but you will definitely feel it. Examples of plyos include: switch lunges, parallel jumps, plie jumps, narrow jumps, pop squats, sumo stomps, pop push-ups. (Youtube is your friend if you are not familiar with these exercises). Again, bonus points if you do it in the sand!

3. Push-ups, Dips, Plie Squats, Mountain climbers-  If you really want to target your upper body, but don’t have equipment, try this series 10-20 reps of each, repeat circuit 10 times. Push-ups and tricep dips tone your arms while mountain climbers and plie squats work your core and lower body and get your heart rate up.

4. Go for a run or fast walk- Probably the simplest thing to do. Sometimes on vacation I like a break from planning out my workouts and taking a brisk walk or run in a new place allows me to be active and clear my head at the same time. Plus its a million times more fun then running on a treadmill in a dingy old hotel gym. Its also easy to do while pushing a stroller, so no excuses when I have Cyrus with me.

These are just some examples of workouts I improvise while on the go. Feel free to add in different exercises and create your own circuit (I’m thinking planks, squats and glute bridging). Do you work out on vacation? What do you do?


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