New Year’s Resolutions

Hey guys! Sorry I have been away again. I got VERY sick after coming back from vacation and have literally not left my bed for the past few days. Ugh! Hate these set backs right when I feel like I am making progress.

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Anyway… I know its already almost the end of January but I really wanted to post about my New Years Resolutions. I feel like getting something down in writing is very helpful for holding myself accountable.

1. Stop helping others achieve their dreams by sacrificing my own: First step for this will be finding someone to replace me in my husband’s company. Second step will be developing my own business plan.

2. Make time for friends: I have been feeling really down lately because I have been letting my friendships go. The problem is, trying to cram in competition prep, taking care of a toddler and working two jobs left NO time for a social life. It’s time I made time for meeting people and having fun.

3. Eat less processed foods: Specifically Quest bars. There are days when the majority of my diet is made up of quest bars because of lack of time, lack of energy and lack of patience for cooking. That needs to stop.

4. Put more time and energy into developing my career: This goes back to resolution number one. I am going to work harder to try to promote myself and hopefully get a sponsor.

5. Feel better about myself: I am not sure why but I have been pretty down on myself this past year. I have been working lately on just feeling better about myself and creating an image for myself besides just being a “mom.”

Just 5 resolutions this year but I am definitely looking forward to working on them. Have you guys resolved to do anything. What are your goals for 2014?


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