Things I learned from competing at the NPC National Level

Since my last post was such a long re-cap of my National Level Bikini Competition I wanted to give a few quick tips on what I learned that I hope can help you:


1. There will be A LOT of waiting maybe head to the hotel for a bit- Check the schedule. Usually the bikini division is one of the last to go on stage. That means you will have a lot of time on stage especially if the category before you has a choreographed routine to perform (men & women’s bodybuilding and women’s physique) I ended up spending 7 hours back stage. I wish I had spent at least three of those hours at my hotel.

2. Don’t get ready too early- This goes hand in hand with the last tip. By the time I got on stage my hair had fallen flat. My coach told me that my hair should stay up until the last second, but I couldn’t stand those rollers. I would recommend scoping out the venue. I had ample time and space at the venue to do my hair closer to the time I was going on stage.

3. Try to stay out of your head- Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t doubt yourself. You have to exude confidence on stage and if your mind is not in it, your body won’t be either.

4. Do your own Make-up and Hair- Ok, this is a huge money saver, but it also gives your schedule some flexibility because you can do your make-up and hair on your time.

5. Don’t be afraid to NOT stay at the host hotel- I saved money by choosing a nearby hotel that is a little cheaper, and maybe has more amenities.

6. If you are going out of town make sure you pack everything and bring cash- Self explanatory. Make a list of things you will need at least a week before the competition so that you have time to add things as you think of them. My coach gave me her list so that was a huge time saver.

7. Enjoy the show- Watch the other competitors. It is fun, interesting and will give you the judge’s perspective.

8. Don’t skip out on the night show even if you don’t place- The more opportunities you have to get in front of the judges, the better.

That’s all I’ve got. Do you have ANY tips for National Competitions?


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