Exercising through the FLU

Hi guys! I am officially less than a week out from my national competition!

I haven’t written in a while because I have been sick. It started Tuesday after teaching classes. I started feeling VERY tired and sore all over, I thought it might be overtraining, but just didn’t feel right. Something was telling me it was the flu… I asked my husband if he thought I had a fever, too lazy to find a thermometer I decided to use his touch for the judgement, and he confirmed it for me. Basically I spent the rest of the day in bed.

I asked my coach if she thought I should still try to go to the gym and she recommended that I stay home. 2 days and a lot of dayquil later, I felt pretty much back to normal, but a LOT weaker in my workouts. It was really disheartening since my competition is so close, I want to put my best effort forward, but I got knocked on my butt by the flu.

That got me thinking, what really happens when you are sick? are you catabolic (breaking down muscle) How many calories do you need? more or less than a normal rest day? can/should you work out?

The normal advice I hear on working out while sick is that if your symptoms are above your neck, you can work out if you feel like. This has held pretty true for me. When it comes to head colds with a stuffy nose and sore throat, working out usually makes me feel a little better. But if I am feeling sick to my stomach, dizzy or have a fever, working out (yes I have tried it before) usually just results in me ending up as a pale sweaty mess almost ready to pass out.

I also found this article that explains “if you have the flu, your body is already fighting a catabolic state caused by the Influenza virus. In this case, weight training would only add more catabolism, which in turn would negatively affect the efficacy of the immune system against the virus, causing you to get sicker.” Makes sense, right?

But the only scientific article I found was on subject who had been infected with a cold and they found that exercise made no difference on symptoms.



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Should you train while sick??

Get well soon!!

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