My Fave Workout Clothes

Nothing beats heading to the gym feeling like a million bucks and for me, the right clothes definitely help with that feeling. Over the years I have gone through phases in what I loved but the past few years I have stuck with a few tried and true favorites that I wanted to share.

1. Bia Brazil Capris

Fuchsia/Black/Pink Leopard Shown

These are my go-to workout pants. They sell them at the Pilates studio I work for which is awesome because I get an employee discount. These pants are like magic– they pull everything in and camouflage cellulite so your legs look flawless even without leg day.

2. Balance Capris

These are my other favorite workout pant. Just like Bia Brazil they pull everything in but the material is a little thinner and they also come with a fold over waist band which I love on the days when I am not feeling super skinny. They also make my butt look great ;). I own them in camouflage and flower prints and I always get complements when I wear them.

3. Under armour tanks

I really love the ribbed victory heat gear tank. I love them because they match just about anything and are long without looking sloppy. Additionally, there is no weird internal bra to keep me from getting my head through the opening. I also love that they last forever and are really good at wicking sweat. I have used the same tanks for over 3 years including wearing them through a pregnancy. For only about $20 you really can’t beat the quality (you know you would have to spend at least 2 times that on a top a Lululemon).

4. Lululemon Jackets– Ok, I know I just made a comment about how expensive Lululemon is but seriously, I haven’t found better jackets anywhere. I have two that I use most often: one is a long stretchy jacket perfect for wearing over my workout gear when I am teaching classes and the other is warmer jacket that  is great for wearing outside. They change the styles pretty regularly and I can’t remember the names of the ones I have but they are always coming up with newer cuter styles.

5. Reebok Zigs

Women's ZigTech Shark Pursuit360 Shoes J99626

My husband got me my first pair of Zigs and I have been hooked ever since. Not only are they super comfortable, but they come in fun styles (including an option to design your own) and I feel like the lift from the zigs makes my legs look a little longer. The zigs make these shoes so cushy that I love them for cardio and plyos. As long as its not leg day (the zigs can make you a little unstable in squats etc.), I wear these shoes!

That pretty much sums up my faves. So what are you favorite workout clothes?


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