Getting on my nerves

My husband is really getting on my nerves today. I am sure all married people have days like this. I was really expecting him to be away for most of the day and as a result I had planned out my son’s nap time with my priorities. Instead, he was home, and kept interrupting me when I was trying to get stuff accomplished. As a result I have retreated to my room to take a “nap” and am actually writing this post on my iPad.

Things I had planned for nap time:
1. Posing practice
2. Take videos for my new YouTube channel
3. Put up Halloween decorations
4. Order Halloween costume, coat & belt for baby Cy
4. Write a blog post.

Well at least I accomplished one of those things…

What are you up to this Saturday? What do you do when your sig. other is getting on your nerves?



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