Posing Seminar

Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend! This past Sunday I went to a posing seminar with some well known NPC judges: Peter Gordon, Gary Udit and Lynn Sambuco. Although I only stayed for the bikini part of the seminar, the judges held sessions for all divisions of competitors. I actually did learn a lot from the session.

Posing practice

The way it was broken down is that we would do our front pose, they would critique each competitor, side pose and transition, critique,  back pose and transition, critique and then group walk, tips.

Since bikini is a relatively new division, there is a lot of question on what the judges are looking for. The posing workshop was really great because I could actually talk to the judges and find out! Some key points that the judges are looking for in bikini:

  • Balanced proportions (hour glass shape where are body parts are evenly proportioned)
  • Full, round glutes
  • Poise and personality.
  • Feminine muscularity

While these judges may sound vague, they broke it down further to explain some of the things they were looking for:

  • Who sucked the least (I have heard this from more than one judge, they look to pick out flaws rather than giving the competitor points for positive reasons, its easier to judge that way)
  • Jiggle (If the judge makes you walk its to see if you jiggle. You DON’T want to jiggle so make sure you walk smoothly)
  • Hair make up and suit should work together (make sure you choose something that feels like yourself, if you don’t feel confident the judges will know)
  • Be authentic in your posing (make a routine that works for you and that you feel comfortable with. Again, judges will know if you are being phony)
  • Show off your assets (For example, If you have a long torso and short legs, pose to create the illusion of balance.) Its up to you to find your strength and weaknesses and pose in a way that highlights your strengths while downplaying your weaknesses.

The judges tweaked my posing and set up a new routine for me. I will post both so that you can compare the two in my next blog post.

What advice have you gotten from judges? Anything that you think competitors need to know that I missed?

Have a great week!

XOXO Fitval


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