How to Achieve your Goals

At the gym the other day when I ran into an old friend. This person has achieved considerable success in their life and I expressed admiration. They proceeded to lecture me for about a half hour on how I was blocking myself from success and that I was going to remain in the same place year after year if I did not change. All that without letting me get in more than a few statements and without really knowing what I had been up to.

I left furious for a couple of reasons. For one, if you have read my post on goals. You can see that I have established goals for myself and have been working toward them over the past year. I have actually made some achievements so far. Secondly, unfortunately, I think there is some truth to what he said. Just like jokes that are only funny because there is some truth in them, criticism only hurts because there is some truth to it. I guess this person really struck a cord with me and made me recognize an area of weakness in myself that I have not acknowledged and am very sensitive to.

If I am honest with myself, one of my goals of maintaining this blog has not really reached its full potential because I am too self conscious to really promote it. I worry what people with think of my writing.  In addition, while I should ask my coach about how to promote myself and get sponsors like she has, I feel embarrassed that she may think I am trying to steal her thunder. I also see a potential sponsor in the pilates company I work for, but I am afraid to ask because I don’t want to get rejected and I am not sure how I can make it beneficial to my boss.

I use a lack of time as an excuse for not starting my own business when really I lack direction and am afraid of failure.


I think that is what I am afraid of. I think that is the fear that is holding me back. Intellectually I know that “failure” is just a learning experience, just a stepping stone on the way to success. But knowing that does not give me the strength to face my fears and just go for it.

Now I know that I must conquer my fear or I will always be disappointed in myself.

So I am asking for your advice: Have you pursued your goals? What has helped you in the process?



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