Competition Number 2 Recap

So I’ve had a week to let the my experience at the Shawn Ray Classic sink in and I wanted to do a little recap of my season so far. The two shows were very different and I felt like I brought different packages to each one even though they were only about 7 weeks apart.

Let’s see, Shawn Ray was a smaller show, but bigger in the sense that it was a National Qualifier. That means if I got top 3, I could compete on the National Level. The girls were also better competition than my last show. The show also moved ALOT faster. At the East Coast Classic, I was waiting around for over 2 hours. At the Shawn Ray Classic it felt like I was on stage as soon as I got my tan touch-up.

The venue at the Shawn Ray Classic was also much better in my opinion. First of all, It had A/C (which is essential in DC in August). I’m not sure what was wrong with the A/C at the venue of my first comp. There was also a larger area for competitors to wait, which made me feel a bit more relaxed and less claustrophobic.

It also helped to have 2 friends who were not freaking out and bringing negativity. The two girls I competed with were both nice and it helped a lot having someone else to commiserate with and share excitement with.

Finally, after having feedback from the judges at my first comp that I needed to build more, I took their advice and put on about 5 lbs. While I came in a little less lean, I definitely had noticeably more muscle mass.

This time my advice from the judges was to tone up my lower half more and work on my stances. Here are the comparison shots from my first and last competition:


So I’ve been back at the gym, hitting the weights hard, trying to build muscle.





I can see a difference between the first show and the second. Are you planning on doing the Jay Cutler show in Baltimore too?

I did the Shawn Ray last year and this year and I love the venue in Towson and the show was run efficiently this year.

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