Competition Results

My competition was last weekend and boy was it a whirlwind. Up until the competition I was running around like a crazy person trying to get things ready.

The actual competition day was exciting. I came to my coach’s house for her to do my make-up while her friend did my hair. From there, I went to the competition location (only 15 min. away) for the athletes meeting. Once the meeting was over I headed back stage to get another coat of mud (tanner). My tan had gotten really blotchy over night so I was freaking out about how it would look on stage but they assured me no one would be able to tell.

getting ready

Curlers, tan, robe and ready to go!

With tan on I headed back to the hallway (our backstage area) to put on my suit, jewelry and robe and then wait for my turn and wait and wait and wait. There was a lot of waiting. The competition started at 11am but I didn’t go on stage until after 1:30. About 20 min before It was my turn to go on stage I got my glaze on and my stylist sprayed the sh1t out of my hair so that it looked ginormous.

Gigantic hair

My stylist fixing my gigantic hair

When it was finally my turn to go on stage I was so nervous/ excited. The things my coach had said to me in our posing sessions stuck in my head: smile, pretend like you are having the best day of your life, eye f@ck the judges. So I did and I got out there and I rocked it. I got into my place on the side stage and was beaming with confidence. Then, my number was called FIRST! I was the first one called for first call backs and they set me up in the middle spot, which usually means you won first place. I was ecstatic! I could not stop smiling. I strutted off the stage and immediately texted my husband and my coach.

First call outs!

First call outs!

There were a few hours between the pre-judging and the night show (where they hand out awards) so I went home to see Cyrus. Sadly, I think my extreme make-up tan and hair scared him because he would not even come near me. The time went quickly and in what felt like a few minutes, I had to rush back to the competition for another athletes meeting and then…. more waiting. Since most of the judging was done in the morning show, I was not as nervous as I was before but I kept thinking that I would win and worrying about how I would do in the overall.

When They lined us up for the night show, we were out of order and there was one girl in front of me. I kept hoping that I would still win and that maybe she was just in front of me for suspense but they ended up calling me as the runner up. I was still ecstatic. My trophy was a sword.


With my coach, stylist and trophy

Walking off the stage I was on cloud 9…. finally able to eat what I wanted to, finally able to shower and finally having won! After pictures and congratulations with my coach I went to ask the judges for feed back. It seems the consensus was that I still need to build muscle.

Well, I really thought that competing in this one show would cure my itch, but since I placed so high I now have new found confidence and would like to keep going. My plan now is to gain muscle until the national qualifier in November. So far I plan to lift heavy and eat about 200 calories above maintenance. Let me know if you have any other tips.




more competition posts to come!


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