I’ve got the itch!

Now, before you go off and assume I’m infected with lice, or worse, crabs, I have to tell you, its not that I’m itchy, just that I’ve got the itch for competition. Bikini competition to be exact. My first experience in fitness competition was 3 years ago. At the time I was struggling with a lot of changes and wanted to do something to re-claim myself. Since I was always working out with no goal in mind, I decided to compete. I went into the competition rather niavely. I am not sure if I just thought my banging body would win out because I was young and spent so much time working out, but when I arrived at the competition I realized I was vastly unprepared.

Pre-spray tan, hit by my nerves

Pre-spray tan, hit by my nerves

First of all, I had a great base tan from tanning beds (which I think of now as coffins). Since they had free spray tanning on site, I figured I would come the day of the competition and get sprayed to top it off. That was a big mistake. Most of the other competitors had come the day before and since I showed up already in make-up, the fine mist they sprayed on my face wasn’t enough to match my body color and only made my make-up look sloppy.  Also, being shy I had to wait until another competitor asked if I had been sprayed to find out where the spray tan set up was and how to use it.

My uneven spray tan

My uneven spray tan

Next, I didn’t research enough preparation “secrets.” I had no PAM to spray on or bikini bite to keep my bikini in place and I had no idea you were supposed to bring wine to help dilate your blood vessels. Thank goodness the other competitors were really sweet and loaned me stuff but I felt totally embarassed and clueless.

Finally I had no coach or even a supporter in the audience. Since the competition was sort of a way to reclaim myself after getting married, I didn’t invite my husband along. I also never hired a coach, in the interest of saving money. As a result I didn’t really have an objective opinion of how I was doing or how I should structure my program. I entered the competition way too lean and without enough muscle mass. Plus I missed out on all the little extras like the “secrets” and posing help.


My competition “official” photo way too lean

Why am I glad I did it? Well I ended up placing 3rd in open and 4th in novice (OK, so there weren’t that many competitors, but no one needs to know that). It also took balls! I was so proud of myself for having the guts to sign up and do everything myself, even without experience. I ended up learning a lot.

Thinking about it now, I can see that I have a similar reason for wanting to compete again. After all, since becoming a mom, my life has changed drastically and I really would like a way to reclaim myself and my still breastfeeding body. It is also a step in getting closer to my goal of being a fitness model and mogul! I want to prove that I can do it so that I can inspire and teach others to do the same thing.

However, I plan on doing a lot of things differently this time. I want to hire a coach. I feel that this will be essential to my success and confidence. I also think there are still a lot of things I need to learn. I also plan on being serious about my training and diet. Last time, I just dieted down the week before the competition. In addition, whereas I competed in Figure last time, this time I plan to compete in bikini, which is a less muscular look that I think suits me better and is more attainable. I am so excited to get started and to try this again. Let me know if you have tips or know of a great coach in my area.





Great post, and will be a fantastic resource for girls following a similar path into competition.

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