You are what you eat

I need to be honest with you. Exercise is only about 20% of the solution for weight loss. I see clients come to the gym day after day complaining about their bodies, putting in the time but not seeing results. Why? If you’re not eating for weight loss you won’t see results.

Weight loss is pretty simple. For the most part it is a formula of calories in vs. calories out. So if you eat at a caloric deficit you will lose weight. If you eat at a caloric surplus, you will gain weight. Its a little more complicated than that but for most people, that’s enough to get started. So, now you need to figure out how to calculate the amount of calories you burn a day. There are numerous formulas to help you determine how many calories you need a day, but if you aren’t good at math I really recommend getting a body media or testing yourself in a bod pod.
The Body media is a band that you wear around your arm and it records your daily activity. I used mine for about 2 months and found that it was pretty accurate and pretty useful. It tracks hours slept, steps taken, calories burned and activity level throughout your day and gives you the information back in the form of graphs.

The Bod pod is a machine that measures your BMR- Basal Metabolic rate or the amount of calories you burn in a rest state. It is one of the most accurate ways to track this. Simply multiply this number by your activity level factor and you know about how many calories you are burning a day. You can find bod pod testings at gyms and community centers so look around to see if a test is available in your area.

Once you know approximately how many calories you are burning, you need to track how many calories you are eating. I recommend using a journal and a food scale since most people under estimate their portion size when recording their meals. Track this for at least 2 weeks to pin point bad habits. See where you can make changes and try to eat at a deficit if weight loss is your goal.

Bottom line is, if you are putting your time in to working out, you should put your time into feeding your body the right way. That is the only way you will see results.

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