What Supp?

Let’s talk supplements! In general I am not a huge fan of supplements. I think that we can get what we need from real food. I also don’t have lofty goals of massive gains or competing right now, so I’m basically eating for health (and a little vanity too). There are some supplements, however, that I really like and that I feel are worth mentioning:
1. Quest protein bars:

Quest bars

All I can say is “wow.” How did I not know about these before. I’ve been eating balance bars, which although they are delicious and cheap, are pretty much the same as a candy bar with a little added protein powder. Quest bars, are not. Quest bars are low in calories, high in fiber and high in protein. They have around 10 (pronounceable) ingredients, including Whey protein isolate as the main ingredient and protein source. They are also sweetened with either sucralose (splenda), or stevia and Lo Han Guo (a natural no calorie fruit sweetener). Calories are around 160-200 and they are comparable to balance bars (if not a little bit bigger) in size. I know what you are thinking:

“But how do they taste?”
Amazing IMO. So far I have tried peanut butter chocolate (my least favorite), chocolate brownie (my favorite), strawberry cheesecake, cashew coconut and cinnamon roll. All of the flavors were fantastic.

The bars are also chewy and aren’t coated in anything so they don’t melt in your purse. LOVE it! I give these bars 10/10 and would definitely recommend them.

2. Dymatize ISO-100


Dymatize is the first brand of protein powder I bought. And it was good but not as good as their ISO-100 line, specifically the Cookies and Cream flavor (I haven’t tried the others).

Not only are the nutritional stats stellar: 100 calories 24g. protein 1.5g. carbs 0g. fat per 28.3 g. serving, but it is also a whey isolate making it a very useable form of protein for the body. I also love the taste. It is the ONLY protein powder I have tried so far that I can stomach devour plain. It tastes great! I use it to make protein ice cream and sludge. It has a great texture, mixes easily and, as I said, tastes incredible.

3. Triflex


There comes a point when exercise wears down on your body. Your joints hurt and you are achy. That’s where triflex comes in. Its a glucosamine/condrointin supplement for joint health. I get the chocolate peanut butter chews which make or a nice little treat. They also really help me feel better. Maybe its psychological, but my joints always feel better after taking these.
These are 3 of my favorite supplements. What are some of yours? I’ve used to use fat burners too, which I loved, but I know they probably aren’t good for me and since I am nursing now I really can’t use them.


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