Starting Solids

It’s only Tuesday and already I am exhausted! I subbed for 2 pilates classes today bringing my teaching schedule to a grand total of 4 classes. They went really well and I got some great feedback! I think a lot of how well a class goes depends on the instructor’s energy. The best classes I have taught have a certain rhythm and I always feel energized and excited while teaching them.

While I was teaching classes today, my mom watched Cyrus. Since I told her  I was trying to start feeding him real foods, she brought over a tiny container of organic baby food (apples). I have been trying to avoid giving him traditional “baby food” since I am favoring the idea of “baby led weaning,” but since she was kind enough to babysit for me for 6 hours (without pay) I wasn’t going to complain. I didn’t do so well with introducing solids myself anyway. I think I just started off with the wrong kinds of food. I gave Cyrus a baby carrot to chew on once (my mom scolded me because its a choking hazard but in my defense it helped with his teething) and a spinach leaf another time (just ended up on the floor).

Cyrus and Spinach

Apparently mushy foods are better for baby’s first.
Well, when my mom gave Cyrus the apples, he shuddered like he was forcing down some vile medicine. I tried the apples myself and they are pretty decent so I bet he was just shocked by the tartness. Next, I’m going to try carrots again, just steam them first to they are not a choking hazard.

Starting solids is fun, but I’ve been told that before Cyrus’s first birthday, he should still be relying on (breast) milk for most of his nutrition. I’ve also been attracted to the “baby led weaning” method for starting solids, which I mentioned. In other words, feeding him actual food rather than pureed baby foods. “Baby led weaning” advocates things like steamed sweet potatoes, bananas and avocados as baby’s first foods. I think this is great because the standard recommendation for baby’s first food is rice cereal, which is pretty devoid of nutrition. I’m excited to start feeding Cyrus fruits and vegetables and I hope to instill in him a love of healthy eating.

I’m also excited to have some of the pressure of breastfeeding and pumping taken off of me. I have been so committed to breastfeeding and have tried to avoid formula all together (aside from the one day I brought him to the baby sitter and forgot all my pumped milk at home.) In the beginning I was really unsure that I would be able to continue this long since many of my friends told me that exercise dries up your supply. But, I have been lucky to be able to continue breast feeding this long and although it does require a huge commitment I am proud to be able to offer my baby the best possible nutrition during these early months.


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