My house is spotless. Yes, for the first time since I had Cyrus, all the rooms are clean including the moldy but finished basement, my husband’s never-been-cleaned bathroom and the baseboards (which I have NEVER dusted). What possessed me to finally deep clean the entire house? Well, its more like: what possessed me to hire a cleaning company?

Spotless house

No, I didn’t join the rich elite, but the $140 I spent to have an immaculately clean house was SO worth it. I can’t stand clutter, I hate dust, I used to love cleaning (burn calories and have a gorgeous house to show for it.) But since Cyrus came into the picture, I really don’t feel like spending the few hours he naps on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor.

I think that if we budget for it, hiring a cleaning company is a great idea. Plus, my husband is going to visit his friend at the beach this weekend so I have the entire weekend to spend in the spotless house by myself. Lovely. I’m not sure if I am the only one that really enjoys being home alone as an adult. It always feels a little luxurious to me: not coordinating schedules or compromising, no fighting over the remote to watch the real house wives of where ever. I’ll miss him, but a weekend is just long enough to “make the heart grow fonder.”

In baby news: Cyrus has learned how to scream and he is using it to make my trips to the office torture. Can you really be productive when something that sounds like a pterodactyl is shrieking in your ear. Ummmm no. I guess I should count my blessings that it has taken him this long to learn how to scream. The first 5 months were hard enough without hearing sanity damage.

Cyrus Screaming

Tomorrow I will be teaching Pilates classes and I can’t wait for the weekend!


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